Should You Run For Office?

Unless you are simply preventing someone that you strongly dislike from running unopposed, there is only one reason why you should run for office, and that’s to win. And you’re only going to win if you’re the best candidate. So, what do I mean by best candidate?

Well, for starters, you’re the best candidate because a significant portion of the voters in your district already know who you are and they like and trust you. Your friends and family that have never voted before don’t count, because most of them are still not going to vote. Not even for you. It is nothing personal. It’s just, they are not in the habit to care to remember to vote.

You’re the best candidate because you’re more than financially secure. You have extra money you could invest into your campaign. On top of that you know folks who are even more financially secure than you that would love to contribute monetarily to your campaign. You will need this money to get information out to voters so that they know they have the option to vote for you. They will vote for you, because you’re the best candidate. They know you’re the best candidate because of your tremendous community service resume and the information you get out to voters will remind them of that. 

You’re the best candidate because you are able to hire a professional campaign team that can execute all the necessary tasks needed to get your information out to voters so that these voters are compelled to vote for you. You’re smarter than to rely on friends and family that have never participated in a campaign before. You’re smart enough to know all the advice in the world is worthless without heavy lifting, and no one is going to be able to do serious heavy lifting without receiving compensation. 

You’re the best candidate because all of your opponents are less than you. Less people know them. They have smaller campaign budgets. They have done less for their community than you. They are less charming than you. Also, their work ethic is less than yours. You knock more doors, make more calls, have more press, and kiss more babies. 

Before you commit all your time and money into a campaign it’s important to be self aware, and objectively aware of your opponents strengths. Know that you can be viable for one office, but not for others. For example, you may be viable to win your district’s city council seat, but have zero chance in winning a mayoral race.