Runoff Election Finance Totals

Yesterday finance reports were due, so I thought I would list all the totals for the races on the ballot so you all can see it all one please. There will be breakdowns of the DA race and of the County Commissioner #3. However, as of 12pm El Paso County Elections Department has not released the finance reports of either candidate. So as soon as that comes up I will update. 


From Jan 1, 2019-June 24, 2020

US Senator Contributions Expenditures
Royce West $1,793,078.83 $1,633,455.65
MJ Hegar $6,450,107.61 $4,872,076.21


From July 15, 2019-July 4, 2020

Railroad Commissioner Contributions Expenditures
Chrysta Castaneda $98,741.04 $112,362.05
Roberto Alonzo $39,721.48 $37,672.36


From February 23, 2020-July 4

383rd District Court Contributions Expenditures
Lyda Ness Garcia $7,804.50 $21,056.68
Lucilla Flores $500 $2,816.17


388rd District Court Contributions Expenditures
Marlene Gonazalez $8,270* $64,071.11*
Laura Strathmann $29,300 $41,435.27

*Marlene’s management was done as an In-Kind Fee. It is not included in these numbers. 

District Attorney Contributions Expenditures
Yvonne Rosales $54,127.17 $48,142.26**
James Montoya $58,025** $75,761.41**

**James Montoya likes to complicate his finance report by paying for things with a credit card, and then counting the credit card payment as an expenditure as well. So, I did not count the credit card payments, nor did I count the In-Kind contributions for social media ads. 

County Commissioner 3 Contributions Expenditures
Vince Perez $? $?
Iliana Holguin $? $?